Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом away. Страница пять

Словосочетания со словом away. Страница пять

pass away
To slip by; go by; pass.
We had so much fun that the weekend passed away before we realized it.
Forty years had passed away since they had met.
To cease to exist; end; disappear; vanish.
When automobiles became popular, the use of the horse and buggy passed away.
To have your life stop; die.
He passed away at eighty.
peg away
plug away
To work methodically, industriously, or steadily.
Thomson pegged away for years at a shoe repair business.
Jones kept pegging away, and finally recognition came.
pine away
To waste away with grief.
After George was sent abroad, his wife pined away for him so much that she became ill.
pound away at
To attack; criticize.
In his campaign speeches the candidate kept pounding away at the administration's foreign policy.
To work industriously.
Mike was pounding away at the foundation of his new house with shovels and pickaxes.
put away
To put in the right place or remove out of sight.
She put away the towels.
Please put away your papers before you open the test booklet.
John put the notepad away in his desk when he was finished with it.
To lay aside; stop thinking about.
He put his worries away for the weekend.
To eat or drink.
He put away a big supper and three cups of coffee.
To put in a mental hospital.
He had to put his wife away when she became mentally ill.
To put to death for a reason; kill.
He had his dog put away when it became too old and unhappy.
right away
off the bat
Immediately; as the next thing in order; very soon; without delay.
Phil's mother told him to do his homework right away so that he could enjoy the weekend.
The Red Cross aids disaster victims right away.
Dad says that dinner will be ready right away, so we'd better wash our hands and set the table.
Tell Will to come to my office right away. I must see him immediately.
Stop playing that loud music right away!
run away with
To take quickly and secretly, especially without permission; steal.
A thief ran away with Grandma's silver teapot.
To go away with; elope.
Mary said that if her parents wouldn't let her marry Phil, she would run away with him.
To take hold of; seize.
The boys thought they saw a ghost in the old house last night; they let their imagination run away with them.
To be much better or more noticeable than others in; win easily.
Our team ran away with the game in the last half.
The fat comedian ran away with the TV show.
run away
run off
To leave and not plan to come back; go without permission; escape.
Many times Tommy said he would run away from home, but he never did.
The guards in jail make sure that none of the prisoners run away.
The young couple ran away and got married because their parents wouldn’t permit it.
That cat is just like a criminal – it runs away from anyone who tries to come near!