Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом away. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом away. Страница три

fool away
fritter away
To waste foolishly.
Paul failed history because he fooled away his time instead of studying.
The man won a lot of money, but he soon frittered it away and was poor again.
get away with murder
To do something very bad without being caught or punished.
John is scolded if he is late with his homework, but Robert gets away with murder.
Mrs. Smith lets her children get away with murder.
get away with
To do (something bad or wrong) without being caught or punished.
Some students get away without doing their homework.
Jonathan tries to get away with coming late to work almost every day; someday he’ll suffer the consequences.
Terence can’t continue to put his friends down like that and expect to get away with it forever.
get away
To get loose or get free; become free from being held or controlled; succeed in leaving; escape.
Освободится; перестать быть контролируемым; уйти от городского шума, нервотрепки; сменить обстановку.
As Jim was trying the bat, it got away from him and hit Tom.
Someone left the door open, and the puppy got away.
Mary tried to catch a butterfly, but it got away from her.
The bank robbers used a stolen car to get away.
If Mr. Graham can get away from his store this afternoon, he will take Johnny fishing.
We bought a little house in the country to get away from it all.
Мы купили маленький домик в сельской местности чтобы сменить обстановку.
We always try to get away from the noise and heat of the city for a month or two each summer.
No one knows how the suspected criminal got away from the police.
To begin; start.
We got away early in the morning on the first day of our vacation.
The race got away to a fast start.
getaway car
A vehicle parked near the scene of a crime in which the criminals escape.
The police intercepted the getaway car at a major crossroads.
give away
To give as a present.
Mrs. Jones has several kittens to give away.
To hand over (a bride) to her husband at the wedding.
Mr. Jackson gave away his daughter.
To let (a secret) become known; tell the secret of.
The little boy gave away his hiding place when he coughed.
Mary said she didn't care anything about John, but her blushing face gave her away.
give oneself away
To show guilt; show you have done wrong.
The thief gave himself away by spending so much money.
Carl played a joke on Bob and gave himself away by laughing.
give the show away
To reveal a plan or information that is supposed to be secret.
You have read further in the book than I have, but please don't tell me where the treasure was buried; otherwise you'd be giving the show away.