Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом away. Страница четыре

Словосочетания со словом away. Страница четыре

dead giveaway
An open secret. Stress on give.
By mid-afternoon, it was a dead giveaway who the new boss would be.
A forced or sacrifice sale at which items are sold for much less than their market value.
The Simpson's garage sale was actually a big giveaway.
A gift; something one doesn't have to pay for.
The tickets to the concert were a giveaway.
hammer at
hammer away at
To work steadily at; keep at.
That lesson is not easy, but hammer away at it and you will get it right.
To talk about again and again; emphasize.
The speaker hammered at his opponent's ideas.
harp away at
harp on
To mention again and again.
In his campaign speeches, Jones harps on his rival's wealth and powerful friends.
keep away
stay away
To remain at a distance from; to avoid use of.
Her mother advised Diane to keep away from men offering a ride.
Please be sure to keep the children away from the street!
The signs on the burned-out house said, "Keep Away! Danger Zone."
It's important for your health to stay away from dangerous drugs.
lay away
To save.
She laid a little of her pay away each week.
To bury (a person). Used to avoid the word bury, which some people think is unpleasant.
He was laid away in his favorite spot on the hill.
lay-away plan
A plan for buying something that you can't pay cash for; a plan in which you pay some money down and pay a little more when you can, and the store holds the article until you have paid the full price.
She could not afford to pay for the coat all at once, so she used the lay-away plan.
make away with
Take; carry away; cause to disappear.
The lumberjack made away with a great stack of pancakes.
Two masked men held up the clerk and made away with the payroll.
miles away
Inattentive; not concentrating.
When Betty said, "We have theater tickets for tonight," Ken didn't react as his mind was miles away.