Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом away. Страница шесть

Словосочетания со словом away. Страница шесть

rust away
To disappear gradually through the process of rust or corrosion.
If you refuse to paint those metal bars on the window, they will soon rust away.
salt away
To save (money) for the future.
Every week Joe salts away half of his pay.
scare away
scare off
To cause to flee; frighten away.
Jake is a confirmed bachelor; the best way to scare him off is to start talking about marriage.
shoo away
To frighten or chase away.
When the children gathered around the new sports car, we shooed them away.
shrug off
shrug away
To act as if you are not interested and do not care about something; not mind; not let yourself be bothered or hurt by.
Alan shrugged off our questions; he would not tell us what had happened.
Muriel shrugged away every attempt to comfort her.
The ballplayer shrugged off the booing of the fans.
Jim cut his hand but he tied a cloth around it and shrugged it away.
shy away
shy off
To avoid; seem frightened or nervous.
The boys shied away from our questions.
The horse shied off when Johnny tried to mount it.
slip away
sneak away
steal away
To leave unnoticed.
The party was such a bore that we decided to quietly slip away.
smooth away
To remove; (unpleasant feelings) take away.
Mr. Jones' new job smoothed away his worry about money.