Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом away. Страница восемь

Словосочетания со словом away. Страница восемь

walk away with
walk off with
To take and go away with; take away; often: steal.
When Father went to work, he accidentally walked off with Mother's umbrella.
How can a thief walk off with a safe in broad daylight?
To take, get, or win easily.
Jim walked away with all the honors on Class Night.
Our team walked off with the championship.
waste away
To become more thin and weak every day.
Jane is wasting away with tuberculosis.
After Mrs. Barnes died, her husband wasted away with grief.
wear down
wear off
wear away
wear through
To remove or disappear little by little through use, time, or the action of weather.
Time and weather have worn off the name on the gravestone.
The eraser has worn off my pencil.
The grass has worn away from the path near the house.
If you drag your feet while you walk, you’ll wear down your shoes quickly.
The pounding of ocean waves against the coast gradually wears it away.
Johnny has worn through the seat of his pants.
To lessen; become less little by little.
The people went home as the excitement of the fire wore off.
John could feel the pain again as the dentist's medicine wore away.
My headache isn’t serious. It will wear off after an hour or so.
The effect of the painkilling drug didn’t wear off for several hours.
To exhaust; tire out, win over or persuade by making tired.
Mary wore her mother down by begging so that she let Mary go to the movies.
whale away
To beat or hit hard; strike again and again. Often used with at.
The boxer is whaling away at his opponent with both fists.
To attack severely or again and again; go on without stopping or with great force; pound away. Often used with at.
Mary has been whaling away on the typewriter for an hour.
During the election the Mayor whaled away at the other party in his speeches.
while away
To make time go by pleasantly or without being bored; pass or spend.
We whiled away the time that we were waiting by talking and playing cards.
We whiled away the summer swimming and fishing.