Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом away

Словосочетания со словом away

back away
To act to avoid or lessen one's involvement in something; draw or turn back; retreat.
The townspeople backed away from the building plan when they found out how much it would cost.
blast away
To scold or protest violently.
Pictures posted on the group's website show rows of men lying face down in trenches while their executioners blast away.
blow away the cobwebs
Стряхнуть пыль; почувствовать себя живее и бодрее.
Let's get out of the house. A walk on the beach will blow away the cobwebs!
Давайте выйдем из дома. Прогулка по пляжу хорошо проветривает!
break away
break loose
To liberate oneself from someone or something.
Jane tried to break loose from her attacker, but he was too strong.
During the bad storm, the boat broke loose from the landing and drifted out to sea.
One bicyclist broke loose from the pack of racers and pulled ahead towards the finish line.
carry away
get carried away with
be carried away by
be carried away with
To cause very strong feeling; excite or delight to the loss of cool judgment.
The music carried her away.
He let his anger carry him away.
Often used in the passive.
She was carried away by the man's charm.
He was carried away by the sight of the flag.
Paula and Leanne were carried away by the sad movie that they saw together.
James got carried away with anger when his roommate crashed his new car into a telephone pole.
cart off
cart away
To take away, often with force or with rough handling or behavior.
The police carted the rioters off to jail.
When Bobby wouldn't eat his supper, his mother carted him away to bed.
come away empty-handed
Уходить с пустыми руками.
We came away from the department store empty-handed.
Из универмага мы вернулись с пустыми руками.
die away
die down
To come slowly to an end; grow slowly less or weaker.
The wind died down.
The music died away.
He waited until the excitement had died down.
His mother's anger died away.
The hurricane became a less serious tropical storm when its winds died down.
We let the fire in the fireplace die down and enjoyed watching the embers as they glowed in the dark.