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Словосочетания со словом head

Having good common sense; practical; reasonable.
What our office needs is a good, level-headed manager.
light years ahead
Очень далеко (обычно в отношении развития и прогресса)
We've got to invest more in research - our competitors are light years ahead!
Нам нужно больше вкладывать в исследования – наши конкуренты ушли далеко вперед!
like a hole in the head
Not at all; scarcely; grudgingly; in an unwelcome manner.
Joan needs her mother-in-law to stay with her for a week like a hole in the head.
lose one's head (over)
To panic.
"Let's not lose our heads," the captain cried. "We have good lifeboats on this vessel."
When Mel saw a dog in the street right in front of his car, he lost his head and drove onto the sidewalk and into a tree.
If the politician hadn’t gotten stirred up and lost his head, he never would have criticized his opponent unfairly.
To become deeply infatuated with someone.
Don't lose your head over Jane; she is already married.
make head or tail of
To see the why of; finding a meaning in; understand. Used in negative, conditional, and interrogative sentences.
She could not make head or tail of the directions on the dress pattern.
Can you make head or tail of the letter?
make headway
To move forward; make progress.
Двигаться вперед; совершать прогресс.
The university is making headway with its campus reorganization project.
This has enabled a number of developing countries to make some headway in fighting hunger and poverty.
Это позволило ряду развивающихся стран добиться некоторых успехов в борьбе с голодом и бедностью.
make neither head nor tail of
To be unable to figure something out.
This puzzle is so complicated that I can make neither head nor tail of it.
make one's head spin
To be bewildered; be confused.
It makes my head spin to think about the amount of work I still have to do.