Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом head. Страница двенадцать

Словосочетания со словом head. Страница двенадцать

swelled head
A feeling that you are very important or more important than you really are.
Завышенная самооценка, завышенное самомнение; задирать нос.
When John won the race, he got a swelled head.
Pretty girls shouldn't get a swelled head about it.
Now that she’s famous, she’s getting a swelled head.
Теперь, когда она знаменита, она начинает задирать нос.
take into one's head
take it into one's head
take a notion
To get a sudden idea; decide without thinking.
The boy suddenly took it into his head to leave school and get a job.
Grandmother keeps a bag packed so that she can go visiting whenever she takes a notion.
tell one where to get off
tell one where to head in
To talk angrily to; speak to or answer with rough language; scold.
Bob told Ted to get out of his way. Ted told Bob where to get off.
Mary laughed at Barbara's hairdo. Barbara told Mary where to head in.
throw oneself at someone's head
fling oneself at someone's head
To try hard and openly to make a person love you.
She threw herself at his head, but he was interested in another girl.
turn heads
Привлекать всеобщее внимание, заставлять оборачиваться.
Brigitte Bardot still turned heads even in her 40's.
Бриджит Бардо все ещё привлекает внимание в свои 40.
turn one's head
turn somebody's head
To make you lose your good judgment.
Вскружить кому-либо голову.
The first pretty girl he saw turned his head.
Winning the class election turned his head.
Success has never turned her head - she's still the same simple responded girl she always was.
Успех никогда не мог вскружить ей голову - она всё такая же простая и отзывчивая девушка, какой всегда была.
use one's bean
use one's noodle
use one's noggin
use one's head
To use your brain or mind; think; have common sense. Often used as a command.
If you used your bean you wouldn't be in trouble now.
Never point a gun at anybody, John. Use your head!