Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом head

Словосочетания со словом head

acid head
A regular user of LSD on whom the hallucinogenic drug has left a visible effect.
The reason John acts so funny is that he is a regular acid head.
ahead of the game
In a position of advantage; winning (as in a game or contest); ahead (as by making money or profit); making it easier to win or succeed.
The time you spend studying when you are in school will put you ahead of the game in college.
After Tom sold his papers, he was $5 ahead of the game.
Early; too soon; beforehand.
When Ralph came to school an hour early, the janitor said, "You're ahead of the game."
John studies his lessons only one day early; if he gets too far ahead of the game, he forgets what he read.
ahead of time
Before the expected time; early.
The bus came ahead of time, and Mary was not ready.
The new building was finished ahead of time.
ahead of
In a position of advantage or power over.
He studies all the time, because he wants to stay ahead of his classmates.
In front of; before.
The troop leader walked a few feet ahead of the boys.
Earlier than; previous to, before.
Betty finished her test ahead of the others.
all in one's head
Что-то выдуманное.
Your fear is all in your head.
Твой страх всего лишь тобою придуман.
at loggerheads
In a quarrel; in a fight; opposing each other.
The two senators had long been at loggerheads on foreign aid.
Because of their barking dog, the Morrises lived at loggerheads with their neighbors.
be a hot head
Быть вспыльчивым, легко выходить из себя.
He is a hot head and a real trouble-maker.
Он вспыльчивый человек и настоящий нарушитель спокойствия.
beat into one's head
To teach by telling again and again; repeat often; drill, also, to be cross and punish often.
Tom is lazy and stubborn and his lessons have to be beaten into his head.
I cannot beat it into his head that he should take off his hat in the house.