Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом head. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом head. Страница три

dead ahead
Exactly in front; before.
The school is dead ahead about two miles from here.
Father was driving in a fog, and suddenly he saw another car dead ahead of him.
An excessively dull or boring person.
You'll never get John to tell a joke - he's a deadhead.
Two games or contests played one right after the other, between the same two teams or two different pairs of teams.
The Yankees and the Dodgers played a double-header Sunday afternoon.
We went to a basketball double-header at Madison Square Garden and saw Seton Hall play St. John's and N.Y.U. play Notre Dame.
eyes in the back of one's head
Ability to know what happens when your back is turned.
Mother must have eyes in the back of her head, because she always knows when I do something wrong.
from head to toe
С головы до ног; с макушки до пят.
He got wet from head to toe.
Он промок с головы до ног.
get a head start on
To receive preliminary help or instruction in a particular subject so that the recipient is in a favorable position compared to his or her peers.
Получить предварительную информацию о специфичном аспекте чего-либо и тем самым оказаться в более выгодном положении; получить фору.
At our school, children get a head start on their reading ability thanks to a special program.
His father is the owner of this company so he always gets a head start on everyone else.
Его отец – владелец этой компании, поэтому он всегда получает преимущество перед всеми остальными.
get ahead
To become successful.
Mr. Brown was a good lawyer and soon began to get ahead.
The person with a good education finds it easier to get ahead.
To be able to save money; get out of debt.
In a few more years he will be able to get ahead.
After Father pays all the doctor bills, maybe we can get a little money ahead and buy a car.
get it into one's head
something in one's head
To become possessed of an idea; develop a fixed idea.
Быть одержимым какой-либо идеей.
Jack got it into his head to become a marine and nothing we could say would make him change his mind.