Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом head. Страница одиннадцать

Словосочетания со словом head. Страница одиннадцать

Stubborn; unwilling to compromise.
"Stop being so pigheaded!" she cried. "I, too, can be right sometimes!"
price on one's head
have a price on one's head
Reward offered to anyone who catches a thief or a murderer.
The hotel manager learned that the quiet man taken from his room by the police was a murderer with a price on his head.
put ideas into one's head
To persuade someone to do something negative; put one up to something.
Billy would never have poured glue into his father's shoes if the neighbor's son hadn't been putting ideas into his head.
put their heads together
lay their heads together
To plan or consider things together; discuss something as a group; talk it over.
Совместно обсуждать дела или планы; обсуждать что-либо в группе.
They put their heads together and decided on a gift.
We laid our heads together and decided to have a picnic.
They put their heads together to discuss their plan of action.
Они обсудили план действий.
rear its head
To appear; emerge.
After decades of certainty that tuberculosis had been eradicated globally, it suddenly reared its ugly head right here in the United States.
run around in circles
run around like a chicken with its head cut off
To waste time in repetitious movements; be confused.
There was such a crowd in the lobby that I ran around in circles trying to find my group.
shoot ahead of
shoot past
shoot through
shoot alongside of
To move or drive ahead rapidly.
As we had to slow down before the tunnel, a red sports car shot ahead of us.
A feeling that you are very important or more important than you really are.
After he was elected captain of the team, Bob became swell-headed.