Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом head. Страница десять

Словосочетания со словом head. Страница десять

off one's head
off one's nut
Crazy; mad.
We had no doubt that the old man was off his head when we saw him jumping into the lake with his winter coat on.
off the top of one's head
Without thinking hard; quickly.
Без раздумий, быстро, навскидку, первое что приходит в голову.
Vin answered the teacher's question off the top of his head.
When Lorraine was asked to recite, she talked off the top of her head.
Can you, off the top of your head, name any of your favorite rock songs?
Ты можешь навскидку назвать какую-нибудь из своих любимых рок-песен?
old head on young shoulders
Не по возрасту мудрый или умный молодой человек или ребенок. Быть мудрым не по годам.
When she heard Emily warning her little brother to stay out of trouble, her mum thought: "That's an old head on young shoulders".
Когда мама Эмили услышала, как та просила младшего брата не влезать в неприятности, то подумала: "Зрелая не по годам".
He is only 10 years old but he has an old head on young shoulders.
Ему всего десять лет, но он умён не по годам.
on one's head
upon one's head
On one's self.
When the school board fired the superintendent of schools, they brought the anger of the parents upon their heads.
Billy had been naughty all day, but he really brought his parents' anger down on his head by pushing his little sister into a mud puddle.
one jump ahead
На один шаг впереди.
Try to stay one jump ahead of the competition.
Постарайся быть на шаг впереди всех на соревновании.
out of one's head
out of one's mind
out of one's senses
off one's head
Acting in a crazy way; especially, wildly crazy.
The patient was feverish and out of his head and had to be watched.
Her friends thought she was out of her mind to marry that man.
over one's head
Not understandable; beyond your ability to understand; too hard or strange for you to understand.
Mary laughed just to be polite, but the joke was really over her head.
The lesson today was hard; it went over my head.
It was impossible for the tutor to get through to Bill about the physics problem because the subject matter was over Bill’s head.
To a more important person in charge; to a higher official.
When Mary's supervisor said no, Mary went over her head to the person in charge of the whole department.
If Johnny can't get what he wants from his big sister, he goes over her head and asks his mother.
To be very busy, to have too much to do
I’d love to take a week off for a hiking trip, but at the moment I am over my head in work. Maybe next week when I’m only up to my ears!
A danger or threat. A source of concern or worry for one.
I'm so glad that exam is over - it's been over my head for months.
All these bills are hanging over my head, and I don't get paid for another week.
Expenses incurred in the upkeep of one's plant and premises, employees' salaries, etc., which are not due to the cost of individual items or products.
"Our overhead is killing us!" the used car lot owner complained. "We have to move to a cheaper place."