Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом line. Страница четыре

Словосочетания со словом line. Страница четыре

into line
Into agreement.
The department's spending was brought into line with the budget.
Under control.
Independent congressmen were brought into line by warnings that jobs for their friends would be kept back.
The players who had broken training rules fell into line when the coach warned them that they would he put off the team.
keep in line
Заставить кого-либо вести себя как следует.
It was difficult for the young teacher to keep her students in line.
Для молодого преподавателя было трудным заставить вести студентов как следует.
lay on the line
put on the line
lay it on the line
To pay or offer to pay.
The sponsors had to lay nearly a million dollars on the line to keep the show on TV.
The bank is putting $5,000 on the line as a reward to anyone who catches the robber.
To say plainly so that there can be no doubt; tell truthfully.
I'm going to lay it on the line for you, Paul. You must work harder if you want to pass.
To take a chance of losing; risk.
The champion is laying his title on the line in the fight tonight.
Frank decided to lay his job on the line and tell the boss that he thought he was wrong.
line drive
A batted baseball that is usually hit hard and travels in the air not far above the ground.
The batter hit a line drive to left field for a single.
line of fire
The path that something fired or thrown takes.
When the bandit and the police began to shoot, John was almost in their line of fire.
line of least resistance
path of least resistance
The easiest way; the way that takes least effort.
In becoming a doctor like his father John had really just followed the line of least resistance.
Some parents take the path of least resistance with their children and let them do as they please.
line of scrimmage
An imaginary line on a football field parallel to the goal lines where each play except the kickoff begins.
The play was stopped at the line of scrimmage.
line one's pockets
line one's purse
To get a lot of money unfairly; get rich by being dishonest.
The policeman lined his pockets by taking bribes.
The inspector lined his pockets by permitting contractors to use poor building materials.