Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом line. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом line. Страница два

draw a line
draw the line
To think of as different.
The law in this country draws a line between murder and manslaughter.
Can you draw the line between a lie and a fib?
To set a limit to what will be done; say something cannot be done. Often used with at.
We would like to invite everybody to our party, but we have to draw a line somewhere.
Mrs. Jones draws the line at permitting the children to play in their father's den.
People fighting for their freedom often do not draw the line at murder.
I don’t mind helping him with his homework, but I draw the line at writing a term paper for him.
The conference organizers tried to accommodate the needs of the various interest groups, but they drew the line at extending the conference by two days.
drop a line
shoot a line
To write someone a short letter or note.
Написать короткое письмо или записку; "черкнуть пару строчек".
Please drop me a line when you get to Paris; I'd like to know that you've arrived safely.
I always drop her a line to wish her a Merry Christmas.
Я всегда пишу ей письма, чтобы поздравить с Рождеством.
As soon as I get to Florida, I’ll drop you a line and tell you about my new job.
If you have time, drop me a line now and then while you’re traveling.
end of the road
end of the line
The final result or end (as of a way of action or behavior); the condition that comes when you can do no more.
He had left a trail of forgery and dishonesty across seven states; he had got out of each trouble with a new trick. Now the police had caught up with him, and it was the end of the road.
"When I get to the end of the line," Jones thought, "I'd like my children to like and respect me still."
foul line
Either of two lines separating fair from foul ground in baseball.
Willie hit the ball just inside the foul line for a double.
A line across the upper end of a bowling alley across which a bowler must not step.
John bowled a strike but it didn't count because he stepped over the foul line.
A line on the floor in front of the basket in basketball, from which foul shots are made.
Tony scored eight points from the foul line.
get a line on
To receive special, sometimes even confidential information about something.
Получить специальную, иногда конфиденциальную, информацию о чем-либо.
Before Bill accepted his new position, he got a line on how the business was being run.
The police was helpless until at last they got a line on the criminal’s whereabouts.
Полиция была беспомощна, пока наконец не получила сведения о местонахождении преступника.
get into line
To cooperate; conform.
The maverick members of the party were advised to get into line unless they wanted to be expelled.
goal line stand
A strong defensive effort right in front of the goal line.
A goal line stand by the home team held the visitors on the two-yard line.
goal line
A line that marks the goal in a game (as football.)
The fullback went over the goal line from five yards out.