Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом line

Словосочетания со словом line

air one's dirty linen in public
wash one's dirty linen in public
To talk about your private quarrels or disgraces where others can hear; make public something embarrassing that should be kept secret.
Дословно - проветривать своё грязное бельё на публике. Обсуждать свои личные ссоры или проблемы на публике.
Everyone in the school knew that the superintendent and the principal were angry with each other because they aired their dirty linen in public.
No one knew that the boys' mother was a drug addict, because the family did not wash its dirty linen in public.
She has a habit of airing everyone's dirty linen in public.
У неё привычка обсуждать чужие проблемы на публике.
blow one's lines
fluff one's lines
To forget the words you are supposed to speak while acting in a play.
The noise backstage scared Mary and she blew her lines.
bottom line
The last word on a controversial issue; a final decision. Stress on line.
"Give me the bottom line on the proposed merger," said John.
I understand the concern for the company’s bottom line, but the bottom line is the fate of our workers and the financial health of the company.
The naked truth without embellishments.
Look, the bottom line is that poor Max is an alcoholic.
The final dollar amount; for example, the lowest price two parties reach in bargaining about a sale.
"Five-hundred, " said the used car dealer, "is the bottom line. Take it or leave it."
Stress on bottom. To finish; to bring to a conclusion.
Okay, you guys, let's bottom line this project and break for coffee.
bring into line
To make someone conform to the accepted standard.
Sam had to be brought into line when he refused to take his muddy shoes off the cocktail table.
chow line
A line of people waiting for food.
The chow line was already long when John got to the dining hall.
The soldiers picked up trays and got into the chow line.
A final date by which a project, such as a term paper, is due.
The deadline for the papers on Shakespeare is November 10.
down the line
Down the road or street; straight ahead.
По дороге или улице; прямо, впереди.
The church is down the line a few blocks.
Mary is very young and many changes await her down the line.
Мэри очень молода, и ее ждет много перемен в будущем.
All the way; completely; thoroughly.
Bob always follows the teacher's directions right down the line.
draw a line in the sand
Установить определенные границы, за пределами которых какая-либо ситуация или активность неприемлемы.
That's it! We're going to draw a line in the sand and make this our final proposal.
Достаточно! Мы подводим черту и делаем это нашим последним предложением.