Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом line. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом line. Страница три

hard line
take a hard line with
Tough political policy.
Although modern economists were trying to persuade him to open up to the West, Castro has always taken the hard line approach.
A politician who takes the hard line.
The hard-liner was left with no other option but to go for the February poll after he failed to restore his parliamentary majority.
hold the line
To keep a situation or trouble from getting worse; hold steady; prevent a setback or loss.
The mayor held the line on taxes.
The company held the line on employment.
hook, line and sinker
Without question or doubt; completely.
Johnny was so easily fooled that he fell for Joe's story, hook, line and sinker.
Mary was such a romantic girl that she swallowed the story Alice told her about her date, hook, line and sinker.
Bobby trusted Jim so he was taken in by his hard-luck story hook, line and sinker.
in line with
In agreement with.
Behavior at school parties must be in line with school rules.
In line with the custom of the school, the students had a holiday between Christmas and New Year's Day.
in line
In a position in a series or after someone else.
John is in line for the presidency of the club next year.
Mary is fourth in line to be admitted to the sorority.
Obeying or agreeing with what is right or usual; doing or being what people expect or accept; within ordinary or proper limits.
The coach kept the excited team in line.
When the teacher came back into the room, she quickly brought the class back in line.
The government passed a new law to keep prices in line.
In or into a straight line.
The boys stood in line to buy their tickets.
Tom set the chairs in line along the wall.
The carpenter put the edges of the boards in line.
in the line of duty
Done or happening as part of a job.
The policeman was shot in the line of duty.
The soldier had to clean his rifle in the line of duty.
inclined to
Having a tendency to; positively disposed toward.
I am inclined to fall asleep after a heavy meal.