Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом line. Страница пять

Словосочетания со словом line. Страница пять

line up
To take places in a line or formation; stand side by side or one behind another; form a line or pattern.
The boys lined up and took turns diving off the springboard.
The football team lined up in a "T" formation.
The moviegoers lined up in front of the theater showing the most popular film of the summer.
To put in line.
John lined up the pool balls.
To adjust correctly.
The garage man lined up the car's wheels.
To make ready for action; complete a plan or agreement for; arrange.
Henry's friends lined up so many votes for him that he won the election.
Roger lined up a summer job before school was out.
The superintendent lined up all the new teachers he needed before he went on vacation.
Rob is going to schedule the famous author to speak at the convention if he can line her up in time.
To become ready for action; come together in preparation or agreement.
The football schedule is lining up well; the coach has arranged all games except one.
Larry wanted to go to the seashore for the family vacation, but the rest of the family lined up against him.
An alignment of objects in a straight line.
A lineup of Venus and the moon can be a very beautiful sight in the night sky.
An arrangement of suspects through a one-way mirror so that the victim or the witness of a crime can identify the wanted person.
She picked out her attacker from a police lineup.
make a beeline for
To go in a straight line toward.
The runner made a beeline for first base.
When the bell rang Ted made a beeline for the door of the classroom.
out of line with
Not in agreement with.
The price of the bicycle was out of line with what Bill could afford.
out of line
Not obeying or agreeing with what is right or usual; doing or being what people do not expect or accept; outside ordinary or proper limits; not usual, right, or proper.
Little Mary got out of line and was rude to Aunt Elizabeth.
The teacher asked Charlie not to tell one of the jokes because it was out of line.
Mrs. Green thought the repair man's charge was out of line.
When a child gets out of line in that teacher’s class, she uses the old-fashioned method of making the child sit in the corner of the room.
Any employee who steps out of line by coming to work in an unacceptable condition will be fired.
Not in a straight line; away from a true line.
The two edges were out of line and there was a space between them.
The sergeant ordered the soldier who was out of line to get properly lined up.
party line
Ideas, policies, and goals set forth by the leadership of a group or organization.
Dan seldom has an original idea but he keeps faithfully repeating his company's party line.
read between the lines
To understand all of a writer's meaning by guessing at what he has left unsaid.
"Читать между строк"; понимать скрытый, недосказанный смысл.
Some kinds of poetry make you read between the lines.
A clever foreign correspondent can often avoid censorship by careful wording, leaving his audience to read between the lines.
Millicent might have read between the lines; she might have had more knowledge about her husband's character.
Миллисент должно быть прочла между строк; она, возможно, знает больше о характере своего мужа.
sign on the dotted line
To attach one's signature on an important document, such as a contract, a bill of sales, etc.
The seller said to the buyer, "All you need to do is sign on the dotted line."