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Словосочетания со словом head

hide one's face
hide one's head
To lower your head or turn your face away because of shame or embarrassment.
The teacher found out that Tom had cheated, and Tom hid his head.
When Bob said how pretty Mary was, she blushed and hid her face.
To feel embarrassed or ashamed.
We will beat the other team so badly that they will hide their heads in shame.
hide one's head in the sand
bury one's head in the sand
have one's head in the sand
put one's head in the sand
To keep from seeing, knowing, or understanding something dangerous or unpleasant; to refuse to see or face something.
"Прятать голову в песок"; избегать информации о неприятных, опасных ситуациях.
If there is a war, you cannot just bury your head in the sand.
Get your head out of the sand and handle the problem.
Перестань прятать голову в песок и реши эту проблему.
hit the nail on the head
To get something exactly right; speak or act in the most fitting or effective way.
The mayor's talk on race relations hit the nail on the head.
hold one's head up
To show self-respect; not be ashamed; be proud.
When Mr. Murray had paid off his debts, he felt that he could hold his head up again.
keep a civil tongue in one's head
To be polite in speaking.
He was very angry with his boss, but he kept a civil tongue in his head.
The bus driver began yelling at the woman and she told him to keep a civil tongue in his head.
keep one's head
keep one's wits about one
To stay calm when there is trouble or danger.
When Tim heard the fire alarm he kept his head and looked for the nearest exit.
When the heater caused a fire, Gloria kept her head and phoned for assistance right away; otherwise, the whole house might have burned down.
When the boat starting sinking in heavy seas, the crew members kept their heads and led the passengers to the lifeboats.
Compare:count to ten
A stupid or slow-witted person.
You'll never convince Donald; he's a lardhead.
laugh one's head off
To laugh very hard; be unable to stop laughing.
Paul's stories are so wildly funny that I laugh my head off whenever he starts telling one of them.