Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом ball. Страница четыре

Фразеологизмы со словом ball. Страница четыре

have a ball
Enjoy yourself very much; have a wonderful time.
Замечательно проводить время.
Johnny had a ball at camp.
Mary and Tim have a ball exploring the town.
After their parents left, the children had a ball.
The party was great. We had a ball.
Вечеринка была чудная. Мы отлично повеселились.
have a snowball's chance in hell
To be condemned to failure; enjoy a zero chance of success.
Pessimists used to think that we had a snowball's chance in hell to put a man on the moon; yet we did it in July, 1969.
have someone by the balls
To have someone at a disadvantage or in one's power.
The kidnappers had the company by the balls for six long weeks.
have something on the ball
To be smart, clever; to be skilled and have the necessary know-how.
You can trust Syd; he's got a lot on the ball OR he's got something on the ball.
jump ball
The starting of play in basketball by tossing the ball into the air between two opposing players, each of whom jumps and tries to hit the ball to a member of his own team.
Two players held onto the ball at the same time and the referee called a jump ball.
keep one's eye on the ball
To watch the ball at all times in a sport, usually in order to hit it or get it; not stop watching the ball.
Keep your eye on the baseball or you won't be able to hit it.
To be watchful and ready; be wide-awake and ready to win or succeed; be smart.
Быть на чеку; контролировать ситуацию; быть расторопным.
Tom is just starting on the job but if he keeps his eye on the ball, he will be promoted.
He was told that during the meeting he must keep his eye on the ball and concentrate on the matter at hand.
Ему было приказано во время встречи быть полностью во внимании и сконцентрироваться на предмете.
We tried to keep our eye on the ball during the meeting.
Мы старались быть на чеку во время встречи.
keep the ball rolling
To keep up an activity or action; not allow something that is happening to slow or stop.
Clyde kept the ball rolling at the party by dancing with a lamp shade on his head.
long ball
A baseball hit far enough to be a home run.
The White Sox need a player who can hit the long ball.