Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом ball. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом ball. Страница два

"Черный мяч", "черная метка", заносить в чёрный список.
He was blackballed from resuming professional football career.
Ему не дали продолжить карьеру профессионального футболиста.
break one's balls
To do something with maximum effort; to do something very difficult or taxing.
I've been breaking my balls to buy you this new color TV set and you aren't the least bit appreciative!
carry the ball
To take the most important or difficult part in an action or business.
Брать наиболее важную или трудную часть работы или проекта; быть ответственным за что-то.
None of the other boys would tell the principal about their breaking the window, and John had to carry the ball.
When the going is rough, Fred can always be depended on to carry the ball.
The director decided to let his assistant carry the ball on the assignment for the new contract.
Директор принял решение позволить своему ассистенту быть ответственным за задание по подписанию нового контракта.
The director let his assistant carry the ball on the assignment for the new sale's contract.
Директор позволил своему ассистенту взять на себя ответственность за распределение по новому торговому контракту.
Davis had to carry the ball while the boss was away.
Девис пришлось быть за главного, пока ее начальник отсутствовал.
corn ball
A superficially sentimental movie or musical in which the word "love" is mentioned too often; a theatrical performance that is trivially sentimental.
That movie last night was a corn ball.
A person who behaves in a superficially sentimental manner or likes performances portraying such behavior.
Suzie can't stand Joe; she thinks he's a corn ball.
crystal ball
A ball, usually made of quartz crystal (glass) that is used by fortune-tellers.
The fortune-teller at the fair looked into her crystal ball and told me that I would take a long trip next year.
Any means of predicting the future.
My crystal ball tells me you'll be making the honor roll.
drop the ball
дословно: уронить, потерять мяч
Совершить ошибку, не справиться с ситуацией.
We lay all our hopes on you, so don’t drop the ball.
Все наши надежды на тебя, так что не подведи нас.
Please, don’t drop the ball – we are relying on you.
Пожалуйста, не совершай глупых ошибок – мы полагаемся на тебя.
A disjointed, or flaky person, who is forgetful and incoherent, as if under the influence of narcotics.
Hermione is a regular flakeball.
fly ball
A baseball hit high into the air.
He hit an easy fly ball to center field.