Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом ball

Фразеологизмы со словом ball

a snowball effect
Эффект снежного кома; лавинообразный эффект - cитуация, в которой что-либо бесконтрольно увеличивается в размере или значении.
The more successful you become the more publicity you get and that publicity generates sales. It's a sort of snowball effect.
Чем известнее ты становишься, тем больше внимания прессы ты получаешь, а это повышает продажи. Это как снежный ком.
ball game
The entire matter at hand; the whole situation; the entire contest.
You said we can get a second mortgage for the house? Wow! That's a whole new ball game.
ball is in one's court
дословно: мяч на чьем-то поле
Ситуация в которой следующий ход, следующее действие остается за человеком, в отношении которого употреблено выражение.
We made an offer to buy the business and now the ball is in the owner's court to accept our offer or not.
Мы внесли предложение купить бизнес и теперь ход за владельцем, принимать наше предложение или нет.
ball of fire
A person with great energy and ability; a person who can do something very well.
He did poorly in school but as a salesman he is a ball of fire.
The new shortstop is a good fielder but certainly no ball of fire in batting.
ball up
To make a mess of; confuse. Often used in the passive.
Don't ball me up.
Hal balled up the business with his errors.
He was so balled up that he did not know if he was coming or going.
base on balls
First base given to a baseball batter who is pitched four balls outside of the strike zone.
He was a good judge of pitchers and often received bases on balls.
be on the ball
get on the ball
have on the ball
Paying attention and doing things well. Used after is or get.
Ben is really on the ball in school.
The coach told Jim he must get on the ball or he cannot stay on the team.
Jim was the only one who caught that serious error in the bookkeeping statements. He’s really on the ball.
Ella was certainly on the ball when she remembered to reconfirm our flight arrangements. All the rest of us would have forgotten.
John will succeed in life; he has a lot on the ball.
The coach was eager to try out his new team and see what they had on the ball.
That is a skill or ability; making you good at things. Used after have.
I can't believe Molly got that report done so quickly - she really has something on the ball.
I'm so glad that my assistant has something on the ball because I'm too scatterbrained to manage my schedule on my own.
behind the eight-ball
behind the eight ball
In a difficult position; in trouble.
В трудном положении; неприятности; в безвыходной ситуации.
Mr. Thompson is an older man, and when he lost his job, he found he was behind the eight-ball.
Мистер Томсон пожилой человек, когда он потерял свою работу, он оказался в затруднительном положении.
Bill can't dance and has no car, so he is behind the eight-ball with the girls.
I'm really behind the eight ball at work. I have too much work to do but we can't afford to hire anyone to help out.
Я в безвыходной ситуации на работе. У меня слишком много работы, а компания не может позволить себе нанять сотрудника в помощь.