Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом ball. Страница три

Фразеологизмы со словом ball. Страница три

foul ball
A batted baseball that lands outside the foul line.
Mickey hit a long foul ball that landed on the roof.
free ball
A ball in football that is in play, that is not in the possession of anyone, that is not a legally thrown forward pass, and that belongs to the first team which can grab it.
A Notre Dame player fell on a free ball and recovered it for his team.
get the ball rolling
set the ball rolling
start the ball rolling
To start an activity or action; make a beginning; begin.
Начинать действовать; приступить к делу; начать.
George started the ball rolling at the party by telling a new joke.
We got up early to get the ball rolling on our project.
Мы проснулись рано, чтобы начать работать над нашим проектом.
We plan to start immediately and get the ball rolling on our project.
Мы планируем начать незамедлительно и взяться за наш проект.
go ballistic
Прийти в ярость, психануть.
Peter went ballistic when he read the headlines in this morning’s newspapers.
Питер пришел в ярость, когда прочитал заголовки утренней газеты.
go over like a lead balloon
To fail to generate a positive response or enthusiasm; to meet with boredom or disapproval.
The president's suggested budget cuts went over like a lead balloon.
Jack's off-color jokes went over like a lead balloon.
gopher ball
A baseball pitch that is hit for a home run.
The pitcher's only weakness this year is the gopher ball.
An immigrant from a southern country, such as Mexico, Italy, or Spain; a person with oily looking black hair. This idiom should be avoidable.
Mr. White is a racist; he calls Mr. Lopez from Tijuana a grease-ball because he has dark hair.
ground ball
A ball batted onto the ground in baseball; a grounder.
Taylor hit a ground ball to the short-stop.