English Puzzle
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Фразеологизмы со словом face

about face
A sudden change of course or a decision opposite to what was decided earlier.
Her decision to become an actress instead of a dentist was an about face from her original plans.
at face value
What one can actually hear, read, or see; literally.
John is so honest that you can take his words at face value.
This store's advertisements are honest; take them at face value.
blow up in one's face
To fail completely and with unexpected force.
The thief's plan to rob the bank blew up in his face when a policeman stopped him.
blue in the face
Very angry or upset; excited and very emotional.
Дословно: до посинения.
Быть очень сердитым; быть очень возбужденным и эмоциональным.
Tom argued with Bill until he was blue in the face.
Mary scolded Jane until she was blue in the face, but Jane kept on using Mary's paints.
I’ve been arguing with my friend for 5 hours until I was blue in my face.
Я спорил со своим другом 5 часов до посинения.
face like a wet weekend
Иметь грустное, печальное выражение лица.
What's wrong with Pete? He's got a face like a wet weekend.
Что такое с Питом? Он такой хмурый.
What’s happened? You have a face like a wet weekend.
Что случилось? Ты выглядишь уныло.
cut off one's nose to spite one's face
To suffer from an action intended originally to harm another person.
In walking out and leaving his employer in the lurch, John really cut off his nose to spite his face, since no business wanted to hire him afterwards.
face down
To get the upper hand over someone by behaving forcefully; disconcert someone by the displaying of great self-assurance.
Осадить кого-то, запугать, нагнать страху.
The night guard faced down the burglar by staring him squarely in the face.
John faced Tom down.
Джон запугал Тома.
face lift
A surgical procedure designed to make one's face look younger.
Aunt Jane, who is in her seventies, had an expensive face lift and now she looks as if she were 40.
A renovation, a refurbishing.
Our house needs a major face lift to make it fit in with the rest of the neighborhood.