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Фразеологизмы со словом break

break away
break loose
To liberate oneself from someone or something.
Jane tried to break loose from her attacker, but he was too strong.
During the bad storm, the boat broke loose from the landing and drifted out to sea.
One bicyclist broke loose from the pack of racers and pulled ahead towards the finish line.
break camp
To take down and pack tents and camping things; take your things from a camping place.
The scouts broke camp at dawn.
break down
(stress on "down") To smash or hit (something) so that it falls; cause to fall by force.
The firemen broke down the door.
To reduce or destroy the strength or effect of; weaken; win over.
Потерять самообладание; потерять выдержку.
By helpful kindness the teacher broke down the new boy's shyness.
Advertising breaks down a lot of stubbornness against change.
The girl broke down and started to cry.
Девочка не выдержала и разрыдалась.
To separate into elements or parts; decay.
Water is readily broken down into hydrogen and oxygen.
After many years, rocks break down into dirt.
To become unusable because of breakage or other failure; lose power to work or go.
The car broke down after half an hour's driving.
His health broke down.
When the coach was sick in bed, the training rules of the team broke down.
I just bought my new car yesterday and already it has broken down.
The elevator broke down, so we walked all the way up to the top floor.
break even
To end a series of gains and losses having the same amount you started with; have expenses equal to profits; have equal gain and loss. Stress on even.
The storekeeper made many sales, but his expenses were so high that he just broke even.
If you gamble you are lucky when you break even.
The point of equilibrium in a business venture when one has made as much money as one had invested, but not more - that would be profit.
"We've reached the break-even point at long last!" - Max exclaimed with joy.
break ground
To begin a construction project by digging for the foundation; especially, to turn the formal first spadeful of dirt.
City officials and industrial leaders were there as the company broke ground for its new building.
See also:
break in
(stress on "in") To break from outside.
The firemen broke in the door of the burning house.
To enter by force or unlawfully.
Thieves broke in while the family was away.
To enter suddenly or interrupt.
A stranger broke in on the meeting without knocking.
The secretary broke in to say that a telegram had arrived.
While Carrie and I were talking Bill broke in to tell me about a telephone call.
To make a start in a line of work or with a company or association; begin a new job.
He broke in as a baseball player with a minor league.
To teach the skills of a new job or activity to.
An assistant foreman broke in the new man as a machine operator.
To lessen the stiffness or newness of by use.
It is best to break a new car in by driving it slowly for the first few hundred miles.
He broke in a new pair of shoes.
Breaking in a new car requires careful driving at moderate speeds.
(stress on "break") A robbery; a burglary.
We lost our jewelry during a break-in.