Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом break. Страница три

Фразеологизмы со словом break. Страница три

break one's word
To renege on a promise.
When Jake broke his word that he would marry Sarah, she became very depressed.
Thomas always intends to keep his word, but invariably the end result is that he breaks his word. He just isn’t capable of being a responsible person.
break out in a cold sweat
Покрыться холодным потом от волнения или страха.
The Pam broke out in a cold sweat when she saw the murderer.
Пэм покрылась холодным потом, когда увидела убийцу.
break out
To begin showing a rash or other skin disorder. Often used with "with".
He broke out with scarlet fever.
To speak or act suddenly and violently.
Говорить или действовать резко и неожиданно.
He broke out laughing.
She broke out, "That is not so!"
To begin and become noticeable. To become widespread suddenly.
Fire broke out after the earthquake.
War broke out in 1812.
An epidemic of measles broke out in Chicago this past week.
If a nuclear war ever breaks out, it is unlikely that many people will survive.
The news says that a large fire has broken out in a huge chemical plant.
To bring out; open and show.
When word of the victory came, people began breaking out their flags.
When Mr. Carson's first son was born, he broke out the cigars he had been saving.
break someone's fall
Смягчать падение, удар.
When the little boy fell out of the window, the bushes broke his fall.
Когда маленький мальчик выпали из окна, кусты смягчили удар.
break something to someone
Сообщить плохие новости.
Brandon died in a car crash. Please break the news to his wife.
Брэндон умер в аварии. Пожалуйста, сообщите плохую новость его жене.
break the back of the beast
Дословно: сломать спину чудовищу.
Преодолеть какие-то значительные трудности.
He finally broke the back of the beast and passed his driving exam!
Он преодолел все трудности и сдал экзамен на права!
break the ice
To conquer the first difficulties in starting a conversation, getting a party going, or making an acquaintance.
Преодолеть чувство неловкости в начале беседы; начать общение.
To break the ice Ted spoke of his interest in mountain climbing, and they soon had a conversation going.
Some people use an unusual thing, such as an unusual piece of jewelry, to break the ice.
To break the ice Ted spoke of his interest in mountain climbing, and they soon had a conversation going.
В качестве первого шага к знакомству Тед рассказал о своем увлечении альпинизмом, и так они вскоре разговорились.
To be the first person or team to score in a game.
The Wolves broke the ice with a touchdown.
break the record
To set or to establish a new mark or record.
Algernon broke the record in both the pentathlon and the decathlon and took home two gold medals from the Olympics.