Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом break. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом break. Страница два

break fresh ground
break new ground
To start a new activity previously neglected by others; do pioneering work.
Начать новый вид деятельности, на который ранее никто не обрашал внимание; быть первооткрывателем.
Albert Einstein broke new ground with his theory of relativity.
To begin something never done before.
The school broke new ground with reading lessons that taught students to guess the meaning of new words.
Scientists have broken fresh ground in their exploration of outer space.
Ученые открыли новые горизонты в исследовании открытого космоса.
break ground
To begin a construction project by digging for the foundation; especially, to turn the formal first spadeful of dirt.
City officials and industrial leaders were there as the company broke ground for its new building.
break in
(stress on "in") To break from outside.
The firemen broke in the door of the burning house.
To enter by force or unlawfully.
Thieves broke in while the family was away.
To enter suddenly or interrupt.
A stranger broke in on the meeting without knocking.
The secretary broke in to say that a telegram had arrived.
While Carrie and I were talking Bill broke in to tell me about a telephone call.
To make a start in a line of work or with a company or association; begin a new job.
He broke in as a baseball player with a minor league.
To teach the skills of a new job or activity to.
An assistant foreman broke in the new man as a machine operator.
To lessen the stiffness or newness of by use.
It is best to break a new car in by driving it slowly for the first few hundred miles.
He broke in a new pair of shoes.
Breaking in a new car requires careful driving at moderate speeds.
break into
To force an entrance into; make a rough or unlawful entrance into.
Thieves broke into the store at night.
To succeed in beginning (a career, business, or a social life)
He broke into television as an actor.
To interrupt.
He broke into the discussion with a shout of warning.
To begin suddenly.
He broke into a sweat.
She broke into tears.
The dog heard his master's whistle and broke into a run.
break off
To stop suddenly.
The speaker was interrupted so often that he broke off and sat down.
When Bob came in, Jean broke off her talk with Linda and talked to Bob.
After war began, the two countries broke off diplomatic relations.
Else and Bob were once engaged, but they have already broken it off.
To end a friendship or love.
I hear that Tom and Alice have broken off.
She broke off with her best friend.
break one's balls
To do something with maximum effort; to do something very difficult or taxing.
I've been breaking my balls to buy you this new color TV set and you aren't the least bit appreciative!
break one's heart
To discourage greatly; make very sad or hopeless.
Разбить чье-либо сердце; очень сильно кого-либо расстроить, заставить печалиться.
His son's disgrace broke his heart.
When Mr. White lost everything he had worked so hard for, it broke his heart.
The man broke his girlfriend's heart when he told her that he no longer loved her.
Мужчина разбил сердце своей девушке, когда сказал ей, что больше не любит её.
The news of her death broke his heart.
Новости, о ее смерти разбили ему сердце.
break one's neck
To do all you possibly can; try your hardest. Usually used with a limiting adverb or negative.
John nearly broke his neck trying not to be late to school.
Mother asked Mary to go to the store when she was free, but not to break her neck over it.