Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом break. Страница четыре

Фразеологизмы со словом break. Страница четыре

break through
To be successful after overcoming a difficulty or bar to success.
Dr. Salk failed many times but he finally broke through to find a successful polio vaccine.
Jim studied very hard this semester in college, and he finally broke through onto the Dean's List for the first time.
break up
To break into pieces.
The workmen broke up the pavement to dig up the pipes under it.
River ice breaks up in the spring.
To lose or destroy spirit or self-control. Usually used in the passive.
Mrs. Lawrence was all broken up after her daughter's death, and did not go out of the house for two months.
To come or to put to an end, especially by separation; separate. Often used in the informal phrase break it up.
Some men kept interrupting the speakers, and finally broke up the meeting.
The party broke up at midnight.
The boys were fighting, and a passing policeman ordered them to break it up.
To stop being friends. To end a romantic relationship, a marriage, or a business partnership.
Mary and June were good friends and did everything together, but then they had a quarrel and broke up.
Tom and Jane broke up because Tom played so much golf that he had no time for her.
break with
To separate yourself from; end membership in; stop friendly association with.
He broke with the Democratic party on the question of civil rights.
He had broken with some friends who had changed in their ideas.
The point of equilibrium in a business venture when one has made as much money as one had invested, but not more - that would be profit.
"We've reached the break-even point at long last!" - Max exclaimed with joy.
(stress on "break") A robbery; a burglary.
We lost our jewelry during a break-in.
The end of a relationship, personal or commercial.
The break-up finally occurred when Smith and Brown decided to sue each other for embezzlement.
A point of sudden success after a long process of experimentation, trial and error.
The U.S. Space Program experienced a major breakthrough when Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon in June of 1969.
can't make an omelette without breaking (some) eggs
To achieve a certain goal one must sometimes incur damage, experience difficulties, or make sacrifices. A proverb.
"Лес рубят - щепки летят", что-бы достичь какой-нибудь цели иногда нужно чем-то жертвовать, преодолевать трудности.
When we drove across the country, we put a lot of mileage on our car and had a flat tire, but it was a pleasant trip. "Well, you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs," my wife said with a smile.
You can't make an omelette without breaking the eggs. So if you want to change the work schedules, then you should be ready for the consequences of your actions.
Лес рубят щепки летят, так что если хочешь изменить расписание работы, то будь готов к последствиям своих действий.