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Фразеологизмы со словом ball

ball game
also The entire matter at hand; the whole situation; the entire contest.
You said we can get a second mortgage for the house? Wow! That's a whole new ball game.
ball of fire
A person with great energy and ability; a person who can do something very well.
He did poorly in school but as a salesman he is a ball of fire.
The new shortstop is a good fielder but certainly no ball of fire in batting.
ball up
To make a mess of; confuse. Often used in the passive.
Don't ball me up.
Hal balled up the business with his errors.
He was so balled up that he did not know if he was coming or going.
base on balls
First base given to a baseball batter who is pitched four balls outside of the strike zone.
He was a good judge of pitchers and often received bases on balls.
behind the eight-ball
behind the eight ball
In a difficult position; in trouble.
В трудном положении; неприятности; в безвыходной ситуации.
Mr. Thompson is an older man, and when he lost his job, he found he was behind the eight-ball.
Мистер Томсон пожилой человек, когда он потерял свою работу, он оказался в затруднительном положении.
Bill can't dance and has no car, so he is behind the eight-ball with the girls.
I'm really behind the eight ball at work. I have too much work to do but we can't afford to hire anyone to help out.
Я в безвыходной ситуации на работе. У меня слишком много работы, а компания не может позволить себе нанять сотрудника в помощь.
break one's balls
To do something with maximum effort; to do something very difficult or taxing.
I've been breaking my balls to buy you this new color TV set and you aren't the least bit appreciative!
carry the ball
To take the most important or difficult part in an action or business.
Брать наиболее важную или трудную часть работы или проекта; быть ответственным за что-то.
None of the other boys would tell the principal about their breaking the window, and John had to carry the ball.
When the going is rough, Fred can always be depended on to carry the ball.
The director decided to let his assistant carry the ball on the assignment for the new contract.
Директор принял решение позволить своему ассистенту быть ответственным за задание по подписанию нового контракта.
The director let his assistant carry the ball on the assignment for the new sale's contract.
Директор позволил своему ассистенту взять на себя ответственность за распределение по новому торговому контракту.
Davis had to carry the ball while the boss was away.
Девис пришлось быть за главного, пока ее начальник отсутствовал.
corn ball
A superficially sentimental movie or musical in which the word "love" is mentioned too often; a theatrical performance that is trivially sentimental.
That movie last night was a corn ball.
A person who behaves in a superficially sentimental manner or likes performances portraying such behavior.
Suzie can't stand Joe; she thinks he's a corn ball.