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Словосочетания со словом love

platonic love
Great affection toward another person without sex.
They are platonic lovers; they do everything together except make love.
puppy love
calf love
The first love of very young people.
Первая любовь подростков.
When John and Mary began going around together in junior high school, their parents said it was just puppy love.
When we both were fourteen, we thought we feel the greatest infatuation in the world, but soon we understood it was just a puppy love.
Когда нам обоим было по четырнадцать, мы думали, что испытываем величайшее чувство на свете, но скоро поняли, что это было лишь детским увлечением.
somebody up there loves me
somebody up there hates me
An expression intimating that an unseen power in heaven, such as God, has been favorable or unfavorable to the one making the exclamation.
Look at all the money I won! I say somebody up there sure loves me!
Look at all the money I've lost! I say somebody up there sure hates me!
to love someone to bits
Быть очень влюбленным; любить каждую частичку своего (своей) избранника (избранницы).
You are my muse, I love you to bits.
Ты – моя муза, я люблю каждую частичку тебя.