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Фразеологизмы со словом back

bend over backward
lean over backward
To try so hard to avoid a mistake that you make the opposite mistake instead; do the opposite of something that you know you should not do; do too much to avoid doing the wrong thing; also, make a great effort; try very hard.
Instead of punishing the boys for breaking a new rule, the principal bent over backward to explain why the rule was important.
Mary was afraid the girls at her new school would be stuck up, but they leaned over backward to make her feel at home.
break the back of the beast
Дословно: сломать спину чудовищу.
Преодолеть какие-то значительные трудности.
He finally broke the back of the beast and passed his driving exam!
Он преодолел все трудности и сдал экзамен на права!
brush back
To throw a baseball pitch close to.
The pitcher threw a high inside pitch to brush the batter back.
Synonym:dust off
come back to earth
come down to earth
To return to the real world; stop imagining or dreaming; think and behave as usual.
After Jane met the movie star it was hard for her to come back to earth.
Bill was sitting and daydreaming so his mother told him to come down to earth and to do his homework.
Contrast:in the clouds
come back
To reply; answer.
The lawyer came back sharply in defense of his client.
No matter how the audience heckled him, the comedian always had an answer to come back with.
To get a former place or position back, reach again a place which you have lost.
After a year off to have her baby, the singer came back to even greater fame.
It is hard for a retired prize fighter to come back and beat a younger man.
A return call.
Thanks for your comeback.
cut back
To change direction suddenly while going at full speed.
The halfback started to his left, cut back to his right, and ran for a touchdown.
To use fewer or use less.
After the big job was finished, the builder cut back the number of men working for him.
The school employed forty teachers until a lower budget forced it to cut back.
To diminish; lessen; decrease (said of budgets).
The state had to cut back on the university budget.
cut down
cut down on
cut back on
To lessen; reduce; limit.
Tom had to cut down expenses.
The doctor told Mr. Jones to cut down on smoking.
In order to lose weight, you have to cut down on your intake of sugar.
The doctor told me to cut back on exercise until my back injury heals.