Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом back. Страница три

Фразеологизмы со словом back. Страница три

back-room boys
Мальчики из секретного отдела. Люди, которые выполняют важную работу, но не появляются на публике.
Back-room boys don't always receive the credit they deserve for their work.
Сотрудники, занятые секретной научно-исследовательской работой не всегда получают заслуженное признание.
Immediately following.
The health clinic had back-to-back appointments for the new students during the first week of school.
Very close to, as if touching.
Sardines are always packed in the can back-to-back.
The bus was so full that people had to stand back-to-back.
To misfire; to have a reverse effect from what was intended.
Mimi's gossip about the Head of the Department backfired wizen people began to mistrust her.
backhanded compliment
A remark that sounds like a compliment but is said sarcastically.
"Not had for a girl" the coach said, offering a backhanded compliment.
backseat driver
back seat driver
A bossy person in a car who always tells the driver what to do.
The man who drove the car became angry with the back seat driver.
backward and forward
backwards and forwards
To the full extent; in all details; thoroughly; completely.
He understood automobile engines backwards and forwards.
He knew basketball rules backwards and forwards.
I explained matters to him so that he understood backwards and forwards how it was.
be back on one's feet
get back on one's feet
To once again become financially solvent; regain one's former status and income, or health.
Снова на ногах; снова стать платежеспособным; восстановить прежнюю форму, статус или здоровье; оправиться от какой-либо беды или несчастья.
Max got back on his feet soon after his open heart surgery. Tom's business was ruined due to the inflation, but he got back on his feet again.
My mother is back on her feet after being sick for two weeks.
Моя мама снова на ногах после двухнедельной болезни.
Our teacher was back on her feet shortly after the car accident.
Наша учительница была снова на ногах вскоре после аварии.
behind one's back
When one is absent; without one's knowledge or consent; in a dishonest way; secretly; sneakily.
Say it to his face, not behind his back.
It is not right to criticize a person behind his back.