Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом back. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом back. Страница два

back street
A street not near the main streets or from which it is hard to get to a main street.
We got lost in the back streets going through the city and it took us a half hour to find our way again.
back talk
A sassy, impudent reply.
Such back talk will get you nowhere, young man!
back the wrong horse
To support a loser.
In voting for George Bush, voters in 1992 were backing the wrong horse.
back to basics
дословно: Назад к основам
Возврат к традиционным идеям или методам.
The teacher believes that back to basics is important in her classroom and the parents are happy with the results.
Преподаватель верит, что возвращение к основам важно в ее классе, а родители довольны результата.
back to square one
Дословно: назад к первому квадрату.
Начать заново; вернуться к началу.
The investigation was back to square one when Mrs. Earle proved she wasn't anywhere near the crime.
Расследование вернулось к тому, с чего началось, когда миссис Эрл подтвердила, что и близко не находилась с местом преступления.
back to the salt mines
Back to the job; back to work; back to work that is as hard or as unpleasant as working in a salt mine would be. An overworked phrase, used humorously.
The lunch hour is over, boys. Back to the salt mines!
"Vacation is over," said Billy. "Back to the salt mines."
back to the wall
back against the wall
In a trap, with no way to escape; in bad trouble.
The soldiers had their backs to the wall.
He was in debt and could not get any help; his back was against the wall.
The team had their backs to the wall in the second half.
back up
To move backwards.
The train was backing up.
I couldn’t back my car up because there was a bicycle in the driveway behind me.
To help or be ready to help; stay behind to help; agree with and speak in support of.
Jim has joined the Boy Scouts and his father is backing him up.
The principal backs up the faculty.
Jim told us what had happened and Bob backed him up.
Ursula asked her friends to back her up when she went to court to fight a ticket for an illegal lane change on the highway.
To return to a previous thought.
Wait a minute. Could you back up and say that again?
To move behind (another fielder) in order to catch the ball if he misses it.
The shortstop backed up the second baseman on the throw.