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Словосочетания со словом love

love at first sight
Любовь с первого взгляда.
Their love was at first sight, but unfortunately it didn’t last long.
Их любовь была любовью с первого взгляда, но к сожаленью, она не продлилась долго.
love game
A game of tennis which is won without the opponent scoring.
Britain took a love game on Songster's service.
love is blind
Любовь слепа; любовь не выбирает.
Love is blind, we love each other despite our imperfections.
Любовь слепа, мы любим друг друга, не смотря на наши недостатки.
A festival or occasion to celebrate life, human sensuality, the beauty of nature, human sexuality, and universal love; affairs so conceived by some frequently deteriorate into obscenity and drug using sessions in parody of their stated purpose.
The hippies gathered for a big love-in in the Halght-Ashbury district of San Francisco.
lovers' lane
A hidden road or walk where lovers walk or park in the evening.
A parked car in a lonely lovers' lane often is a chance for holdup men.
make love
To be warm, loving, and tender toward someone of the opposite sex; try to get him or her to love you too.
There was moonlight on the roses and he made love to her in the porch swing.
To have sexual relations with (someone).
It is rumored that Alfred makes love to every girl he hires as a secretary.
no love lost
Bad feeling; ill will.
Bob and Dick both wanted to be elected captain of the team, and there was no love lost between them.
There was no love lost between the sales and the accounting departments.
not for all the coffee in Brazil
not for all the tea in China
not for anything in the world
not for love or money
not for love nor for money
not for the world
not for worlds
Not at any price; not for anything.
Ни за какие деньги, ни за что на свете, и т.д.
I wouldn't hurt his feelings for the world.
Not for worlds would he let his children go hungry.
No I won't do it - not for all the tea in China.
Нет, я не буду делать этого, – ни за какие коврижки.
I will not marry him not for love nor money.
Я не выйду за него ни за какие деньги.