Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом work. Страница четыре

Фразеологизмы со словом work. Страница четыре

work out
To find an answer to.
John worked out his math problems all by himself.
Mary had trouble getting along with her roommate, but they worked it out.
To plan; develop.
Mary worked out a beautiful design for a sweater.
Alice worked out a new hair-do.
The advertising department worked out a plan to increase company sales.
To accomplish; arrange.
The engineers worked out a system for getting electricity to the factory.
We couldn’t come up with a good plan for solving the problem, but we agreed to work it out at a later date.
To be efficient; get results.
If the traffic plan works out, it will be used in other cities too.
To exercise.
John works out in the gym two hours every day.
Jane works out at the fitness center every other morning before going to school.
work over
To beat someone up very roughly in order to intimidate him or extort payment, etc.
Matthew was worked over by the hoodlums in the park right after midnight.
work up
To stir up; arouse; excite.
I can't work up any interest in this book.
He worked up a sweat weeding the garden.
To develop; originate.
He worked up an interesting plot for a play.
worked up
wrought up
Feeling strongly; excited; angry; worried.
Mary was all worked up about the exam.
John got worked up when they blamed him for losing the game.
working girl
A prostitute.
I didn't know Roxanne was a working girl.
A girl, usually single, who supports herself by working in an honest job, such as in an office, etc.
The average working girl can't afford such a fancy car.
A physical exercise session.
My morning workout consists of sit-ups and push-ups.