Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом work. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом work. Страница два

go through channels
work through channels
To go through the proper procedures and officials.
At a state university everybody must work through channels to get things done.
If you go through proper channels in this company, it’s sometimes impossible to get anything done quickly.
The police told the important civic leader that even she had to go through channels in reporting the burglary of her house.
in the works
In preparation; being planned or worked on; in progress.
John was told that the paving of his street was in the works.
It was reported that the playwright had a new play in the works.
The manager told the employees that a raise in wages was in the works.
leg work
The physical end of a project, such as the typing of research reports; the physical investigating of a criminal affair; the carrying of books to and from libraries; etc.
Joe, my research assistant, does a lot of leg work for me.
make short work of
To finish rapidly.
The cat made short work of the baby rabbit.
Tim was anxious to get to the movies so he made short work of his homework.
many hands make light work
If many people work together, even a hard job becomes easier. A proverb.
Come on boys, many hands make light work. If we work together, we can finish painting the barn.
old boy network
old school tie
A system whereby men who went to the same school help each other to get good jobs, regardless of their ability or training.
Peter got his lucrative job thanks to the old boy network rather than because of his qualifications.
out of work
Having no income-producing job; unemployed.
When too many people are out of work, it is a sign that the economy is in a recession.
Work paid for in accordance with the quantity produced.
Al prefers working on a piecework basis to being on a regular salary because he feels he makes more that way.