Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом work. Страница три

Фразеологизмы со словом work. Страница три

shoot the works
To spare no expense or effort; get or give everything.
Billy shot the works when he bought his bicycle; he got a bell, a light, a basket, and chrome trimmings on it, too.
The Greens shot the works on their daughter's wedding reception.
To go the limit; take a risk.
The motor of Tom's boat was dangerously hot, but he decided to shoot the works and try to win the race.
the works
get the works
give one the works
Everything that can be had or that you have; everything of this kind, all that goes with it.
When the tramp found $100, he went into a fine restaurant and ordered the works with a steak dinner.
Rough handling or treatment; a bad beating or scolding; killing; murder. Usually used with get or give.
The boy said that Joe was going to get the works if he ever came back to that neighborhood again.
The newspaper gave the police department the works when they let the burglars get away.
The gangster told his friend he would give him the works if he double-crossed him.
white-collar workers
white collar workers
Workers employed in offices and at desks as opposed to those who work as manual workers; the middle class.
It is a well-known fact that white-collar workers are less well organized than unionized manual workers.
work in
To rub in.
The nurse told Mary to put some cream on her skin and to work it in gently with her fingers.
To slip in; mix in; put in.
When Mary was planning the show, she worked a part in for her friend Susan.
work into
Force into little by little.
John worked his foot into the boot by pushing and pulling.
Put into; mix into.
Mary worked some blue into the rug she was weaving.
work off
To make (something) go away, especially by working.
John worked off the fat around his waist by doing exercise every morning.
Mr. Smith worked off his anger by chopping wood.
work on
work upon
Have an effect on; influence.
Some pills work on the nerves and make people feel more relaxed.
To try to influence or convince.
Senator Smith worked on the other committee members to vote for the bill.
work one's fingers to the bone
To work very hard.
"I have to work my fingers to the bone for a measly pittance of a salary," Fred complained.