Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом with

Словосочетания со словом with

absent without leave
Absent without permission; used mostly in the military.
Jack left Fort Sheridan without asking his commanding officer, and was punished for going AWOL.
agree with
To have a good effect on, suit.
The meat loaf did not agree with him.
The warm, sunny climate agreed with him, and he soon grew strong and healthy.
alive with
Crowded with; filled with.
The lake was alive with fish.
The stores were alive with people the Saturday before Christmas.
all the way
the whole way
go all the way with
From start to finish during the whole distance or time.
Jack climbed all the way to the top of the tree.
Joe has played the whole way in the football game and it's almost over.
In complete agreement; with complete willingness to satisfy. Often used in the phrase "go all the way with".
I go all the way with what George says about Bill.
Mary said she was willing to kiss Bill, but that did not mean she was willing to go all the way with him.
The bank was willing to lend Mr. Jones money to enlarge his factory but it wasn 't willing to go all the way with his plans to build another in the next town.
bat an eye
bat an eyelash
without batting an eye
without batting an eyelash
To show surprise, fear, or interest; show your feelings. Used in negative sentences.
When I told him the price of the car he never batted an eye.
Bill told his story without batting an eyelash, although not a word of it was true.
be on the outs with
To not be on speaking terms with someone; be in disagreement with someone.
Jane and Tom have been on the outs with one another since Tom started to date another woman.
be with someone
go along with
To support, to back; to understand or follow what someone is saying.
Although others thought that we shouldn’t go along with Jerry, I told Jerry that I was with him on his proposal for reorganizing the staff.
After turning left at the traffic light, go two blocks and turn right on Madison. After three more blocks, turn right again. Are you still with me?
bear with
To have patience with; not get angry with.
Your little sister is sick. Try to bear with her when she cries.
It is hard to bear with criticism.