Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом ring. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом ring. Страница три

bring to a head
To cause some activity to reach the point of culmination.
Time is running out, gentlemen, so let us bring this discussion to a head.
bring to bay
To chase or force into a place where escape is impossible without a fight; trap; corner.
The police brought the robber to bay on the roof and he gave up.
The fox was brought to bay in a hollow tree and the dogs stood around it barking.
bring to light
To discover (something hidden); find out about; expose.
Many things left by the ancient Egyptians in tombs have been brought to light by scientists and explorers.
His enemies brought to light some foolish things he had done while young, but he was elected anyway because people trusted him.
bring to one's knees
To seriously weaken the power or impair the function of.
The fuel shortage brought the automobile industry to its knees.
bring to pass
To make (something) happen; succeed in causing.
By much planning, the mother brought the marriage to pass.
The change in the law was slow in coming, and it took a disaster to bring it to pass.
bring to terms
To make (someone) agree or do; make surrender.
The two brothers were brought to terms by their father for riding the bicycle.
The war won't end until we bring the enemy to terms.
bring to
(stress on to) To restore to consciousness; wake from sleep, anesthesia, hypnosis, or fainting.
Smelling salts will often bring a fainting person to.
To bring a ship or boat to a stop.
Reaching the pier, he brought the boat smartly to.
bring up the rear
To come last in a march, parade, or procession; end a line.
The fire truck with Santa on it brought up the rear of the Christmas parade.
The governor and his staff brought up the rear of the parade.
To do least well; do the most poorly of a group; be last.
In the race, John brought up the rear.
In the basketball tournament, our team brought up the rear.