Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом ring

Словосочетания со словом ring

about one's ears
around one's ears
bring down about one's ears
bring down around one's ears
pull down about one's ears
pull down around one's ears
To or into complete collapse, defeat, or ruin; to the destruction of a person's plans, hopes, or happiness.
They planned to have factories all over the world but the war brought their plans down about their ears.
John hoped to go to college and become a great scientist some day, but when his father died he had to get a job, and John's dreams came crashing around his ears.
alarm bells ringing
Появление причин для беспокойства о чем-то или переживаний по какому-то поводу.
Alarm bells started to ring when I failed my final university exams.
Я по-настоящему забеспокоился, когда провалил мои финальные экзамены в университете.
bring about
To cause; produce; lead to.
The war had brought about great changes in living.
Drink brought about his downfall.
John brought about the accident because of his carelessness.
The heavy rains we have each spring bring about serious flooding.
bring around
bring round
To restore to health or consciousness cure.
He was quite ill, but good nursing brought him around.
To cause a change in thinking; persuade; convince; make willing.
After a good deal of discussion he brought her round to his way of thinking.
bring down the house
To start an audience laughing or clapping enthusiastically.
Заставить слушателей смеяться или вызвать бурные аплодисменты.
The principal's story was funny in itself and also touched their loyalties, so it brought down the house.
The President made a fine speech which brought down the house.
She brought down the house by the performance.
Она покорила весь зал выступлением.
bring down
To deflate (someone's ego).
John brought Ted down very cleverly with his remarks.
To depress (someone).
The funeral brought me down completely.
bring home the bacon
To support your family; earn the family living.
Содержать семью; зарабатывать деньги на содержание семьи.
He was a steady fellow, who always brought home the bacon.
He brings home the bacon in that family.
Он зарабатывает на жизнь в той семье.
To win a game or prize.
The football team brought home the bacon.
bring home
To show clearly; emphasize; make (someone) realize; demonstrate.
The accident caused a death in his family, and it brought home to him the evil of drinking while driving.
A parent or teacher should bring home to children the value and pleasure of reading.