Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом ring. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом ring. Страница два

bring in
In baseball: To enable men on base to score, score.
Dick's hit brought in both base runners.
A walk and a triple brought in a run in the third inning.
bring into line
To make someone conform to the accepted standard.
Sam had to be brought into line when he refused to take his muddy shoes off the cocktail table.
bring off
To do (something difficult); perform successfully (an act of skill); accomplish (something requiring unusual ability).
By skillful discussion, Mr. White had brought off an agreement that had seemed impossible to get.
He tried several times to break the high jump record, and finally he brought it off.
bring on
To result in; cause; produce.
The murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the summer of 1914 brought on the First World War.
Spinal meningitis brought on John's deafness when he was six years old.
Reading in a poor light may bring on a headache.
bring out the big guns
wheel in the big guns
bring up the big guns
To make use of a concealed plan in order to defeat an opponent in an argument or in a game, debate, or competition.
The new computer software company decided to bring out the big guns to get ahead of the competition.
bring out
To cause to appear; make clear.
His report brought out the foolishness of the plan.
Brushing will bring out the beauty of your hair.
To help (an ability or skill) grow or develop.
The teacher's coaching brought out a wonderful singing voice of great power and warmth.
To offer to the public by producing, publishing, or selling.
He brought out a new play.
The company brought out a line of light personal airplanes.
Most automobile companies bring out new models each year.
My mother brought some snacks out for my friends and me to have.
bring suit against
To sue someone in a court of law.
Fred brought suit against Tom for fraud and embezzlement.
bring to a close
To terminate; cause to end.
The meeting was brought to an abrupt close when the speaker collapsed with a heart attack.