Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом light. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом light. Страница три

lay into
light into
To attack physically; go at vigorously.
The two fighters laid into each other as soon as the bell rang.
John loves Italian food and he really laid into the spaghetti.
To attack with words.
The senator laid into the opponents of his bill.
leading light
A prominent person in a community, company, or group.
Alan is the leading light of our discussion group on music.
light bulb moment
Момент озарения, когда происходит неожиданное осознание сути происходящего.
In a light bulb moment she understood that she heeded to do.
Её осенило, как ей нужно было поступить.
light housekeeping
An arrangement in which an unmarried couple live together.
Are Joe and Sue married? - Oh, no, - it's just a case of light housekeeping.
light on
light upon
To pick out by sight from among others; see; notice.
His eyes lighted on the cookies and he remembered how hungry he was.
Her eyes lighted upon the row of boxes, and she asked what was in them.
light out
To run as fast as you can.
The boy lit out for home with the bully chasing him.
On the next pitch the runner will light out for second.
To go away in a hurry; leave suddenly. Often used with for.
Jack won't be in town long. He wants to light out as soon as he has enough money saved.
The robbers lit out for Mexico.
light up
Suddenly to look pleased and happy.
Martha's face lit up when she saw her old friend.
Tom will really light up when he sees his new bike!
light years ahead
Очень далеко (обычно в отношении развития и прогресса)
We've got to invest more in research - our competitors are light years ahead!
Нам нужно больше вкладывать в исследования – наши конкуренты ушли далеко вперед!