Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом light. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом light. Страница два

flight of fancy
Очень оригинальные идея или план, но которые не реализуемы на практике.
He often comes up with good ideas but his latest proposal is just a flight of fancy!
У него часто бывают хорошие идеи, но его последнее предложение это просто разыгравшееся воображение!
get the go-ahead
the green light
get the green light
To receive the permission or signal to start or to proceed.
Получить разрешение или сигнал для начала работы.
We had to wait until we got the go-ahead on our research project.
We got the green light to begin a study of the security problems at our school.
Мы получили добро начать исследование проблем безопасности в нашей школе.
hide one's light under a bushel
To be very shy and modest and not show your abilities or talents; be too modest in letting others see what you can do.
When Joan is with her close friends she has a wonderful sense of humor, but usually she hides her light under a bushel.
Mr. Smith is an expert in many fields, but most people think he is not very smart because he hides his light under a bushel.
All year long Tommy hid his light under a bushel and the teacher was surprised to see how much he knew when she read his exam paper.
in light of
in the light of
As a result of new information; by means of new ideas.
The teacher changed John's grade in the light of the extra work in the workbook.
Because of.
In light of the muddy field, the football team wore their old uniforms.
in the cold light of day
After sleeping on it; after giving it more thought; using common sense and looking at the matter unemotionally and realistically.
Lost night my ideas seemed terrific, but in the cold light of day I realize that they won't work.
in the limelight
into the limelight
In the center of attention.
Some people will do almost anything to be able to step into the limelight.
in the spotlight
In the center of attention, with everybody watching what one is doing.
It must be difficult for the President to be in the spotlight wherever he goes.
knock the living daylights out of
knock the stuffing out of
beat the shit out of
To render (someone) unconscious (said in exaggeration).
Лишить мужества; заставить дрожать, трепетать от страха.
The news almost knocked the living daylights out of me.
Traveling by plane always knocks the stuffing out of her.
Она всегда испытывает страх при полете в самолете.