Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом light

Словосочетания со словом light

according to one's own lights
In accordance with one's conscience or inclinations.
Citizens should vote according to their own lights.
beat the --- out of
lick the --- out of
whale the --- out of
knock the --- out of
knock the tar out of
beat the living daylights out of
To beat hard; give a bad beating to. Used with several words after the, as daylights, living daylights, tar.
The big kid told Charlie that he would beat the daylights out of him if Charlie came in his yard again.
bring to light
To discover (something hidden); find out about; expose.
Many things left by the ancient Egyptians in tombs have been brought to light by scientists and explorers.
His enemies brought to light some foolish things he had done while young, but he was elected anyway because people trusted him.
cast light upon
shed light upon
throw light upon
cast light on
shed light on
throw light on
To explain; illuminate; clarify.
The letters that were found suddenly cast a new light on the circumstances of Tom's disappearance.
Einstein's General Theory of Relativity threw light upon the enigma of our universe.
come to light
To be discovered; become known; appear.
John's thefts from the bank where he worked came to light when the bank examiners made an inspection.
When the old woman died it came to light that she was actually rich.
New facts about ancient Egypt have recently come to light.
dash light
A light on the front inside of a car or vehicle.
Henry stopped the car and turned on the dash lights to read the road map.
daylight robbery
highway robbery
A hold-up of or theft from a person committed on an open road or street usually by an armed man.
Highway robbery was common in England in Shakespeare's day.
An extremely high price or charge; a profiteer's excessive charge.
To someone from a small town, the prices of meals and theater tickets in New York often seem to be highway robbery.
daylight saving time
daylight saving
daylight time
fast time
A way of keeping time in summer that is one or two hours ahead of standard time. Abbreviation DST.
Many places in the United States keep their clocks on daylight saving time in the summer; in this way people get up earlier and have more free time in the afternoon and evening while it is still daylight.
Father said that next week it will get dark later because we will change to daylight saving lime.
We go off daylight saving in the fall.