Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом into

Словосочетания со словом into

be into something
get into something
To have taken something up partly as a nobby, partly as a serious interest of sorts (basically resulting from the new consciousness and self-realization movement that originated in the late Sixties).
Roger's wife is into women's liberation and women's consciousness.
Did you know that Syd is seriously into transcendental meditation?
Jack found out that his teenage son is into pot smoking and gave him a serious scolding.
What sports are you into? I don’t have any time to get into sports.
beat into one's head
To teach by telling again and again; repeat often; drill, also, to be cross and punish often.
Tom is lazy and stubborn and his lessons have to be beaten into his head.
I cannot beat it into his head that he should take off his hat in the house.
blow in
blow into
To arrive at (a place) unexpectedly or in a carefree way.
Bill blows into college at the last minute after every vacation.
Why Tom, when did you blow into town?
The house was already full of guests when Bill blew in.
break into
To force an entrance into; make a rough or unlawful entrance into.
Thieves broke into the store at night.
To succeed in beginning (a career, business, or a social life)
He broke into television as an actor.
To interrupt.
He broke into the discussion with a shout of warning.
To begin suddenly.
He broke into a sweat.
She broke into tears.
The dog heard his master's whistle and broke into a run.
bring into line
To make someone conform to the accepted standard.
Sam had to be brought into line when he refused to take his muddy shoes off the cocktail table.
bump into
To meet without expecting to; happen to meet; come upon by accident.
Mary was walking down the street, when she suddenly bumped into Joan.
Ed was surprised to bump into John at the football game.
burst into flames
To begin to burn suddenly.
The children threw away some burning matches and the barn burst into flames.
burst into tears
To suddenly start crying.
Mary burst into tears when she heard that her brother was killed in a car accident.