Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом high

Словосочетания со словом high

act high and mighty
To wield power; act overbearingly; order others around; look down on others.
Вести себя высокомерно и властно.
Paul is an inexperienced teacher and he acts high and mighty with his students.
Stella acted high and mighty that’s why no one liked her.
Стэлла ведёт себя высокомерно и властно, поэтому никто её не любит.
come hell or high water
No matter what happens; whatever may come.
Не имеет значения что произойдет; будь что будет.
Grandfather said he would go to the fair, come hell or high water.
Mary, I love you! Come hell or high water, we will get married!
Мэри, я люблю тебя! Что бы ни случилось, мы поженимся!
daylight robbery
highway robbery
A hold-up of or theft from a person committed on an open road or street usually by an armed man.
Highway robbery was common in England in Shakespeare's day.
An extremely high price or charge; a profiteer's excessive charge.
To someone from a small town, the prices of meals and theater tickets in New York often seem to be highway robbery.
eat high on the hog
eat high off the hog
live high on the hog
live high off the hog
To eat or live well or elegantly.
For the first few days after the check arrived, they ate high on the hog.
flying high
fly high
Very happy; joyful.
Jack was flying high after his team won the game.
go through hell and high water
To go through danger, or trouble.
John is ready to go through hell and high water to help his chum.
The soldiers went through hell and high water to capture the fort.
hell and high water
Troubles or difficulties of any kind.
After John's father died he went through hell and high water, but he managed to keep the family together.
high and dry
leave high and dry
Up above the water; beyond the reach of splashing or waves.
Mary was afraid she had left her towel where the tide would reach it, but she found it high and dry.
When the tide went out the boat was high and dry.
Without anyone to help; alone and with no help.
Без чьей-либо помощи; в одиночестве без помощи.
When the time came to put up the decorations, Mary was left high and dry.
At first the other boys helped, but when the work got hard. Bob found himself high and dry.
I’ll stay until Monday - I don’t want to leave you high and dry.
Я останусь до понедельника - я не хочу оставлять тебя тут на мели.