Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом down. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом down. Страница три

calling down
dressing down
give one a dressing down
A scolding; reprimand.
The judge gave the boy a calling down for speeding.
The sergeant gave the soldier a good dressing down because his shoes were not shined.
calm down
To become quiet; relax.
"Calm down, Mr. Smith," the doctor said with a reassuring smile. "You are going to live a long time."
cast down
Discouraged; sad; unhappy. Used less often than the reverse form downcast.
Mary was cast down at the news of her uncle's death.
Charles felt cast down when he lost the race.
catch with one's pants down
To surprise someone in an embarrassing position or guilty act.
Застать кого-либо в затруднительной, смущающей ситуации или за совершением преступления.
They thought they could succeed in the robbery, but they got caught with their pants down.
When the weather turned hot in May, the drive-in restaurant was caught with its pants down, and ran out of ice cream before noon.
Our neighbours were caught interfering with their electricity metre - caught with their pants down!
Наших соседей поймали, когда они крутили счетчик электричества – с поличным!
clamp down
To put on strict controls; enforce rules or laws.
After the explosion, police clamped down and let no more visitors inside the monument.
The school clamped down on smoking.
When the crowds became bigger and wilder, the police clamped down on them and made everyone go home.
close down
shut down
To stop all working, as in a factory; stop work entirely; also: to stop operations in.
The factory closed down for Christmas.
The company shut down the condom plant for Easter.
come back to earth
come down to earth
To return to the real world; stop imagining or dreaming; think and behave as usual.
After Jane met the movie star it was hard for her to come back to earth.
Bill was sitting and daydreaming so his mother told him to come down to earth and to do his homework.
come down hard on
To scold or punish strongly.
The principal came down hard on the boys for breaking the window.
To oppose strongly.
The minister in his sermon came down hard on drinking.