Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом down

Словосочетания со словом down

about one's ears
around one's ears
bring down about one's ears
bring down around one's ears
pull down about one's ears
pull down around one's ears
To or into complete collapse, defeat, or ruin; to the destruction of a person's plans, hopes, or happiness.
They planned to have factories all over the world but the war brought their plans down about their ears.
John hoped to go to college and become a great scientist some day, but when his father died he had to get a job, and John's dreams came crashing around his ears.
back down
back off
To give up a claim; not follow up a threat.
Bill said he could beat Ted, but when Ted put up his fists Bill backed down.
Harry claimed Joe had taken his book, but backed down when the teacher talked with him.
bear down on
bear down upon
To draw constantly nearer with great speed and force.
The police cars were bearing down on the bank robbers' get-away car.
After the boys threw the snowballs they saw a large lady bearing down upon them from across the street.
bear down
To press or push harder; work hard at; give full strength and attention.
She is bearing down in her studies to win a scholarship.
The baseball pitcher is bearing down.
The pitcher bore down on the star batter.
Teachers of the deaf bear down on English.
The sergeant bears down on lazy soldiers.
To move toward in an impressive or threatening way. Often used with on.
While he was crossing the street a big truck bore down on him.
The little ship tried to escape when the big pirate ship bore down.
After the boys threw the snowballs they saw a large lady bearing down upon them from across the street.
beat down
To crush or break the spirit of; win over; conquer.
All their defenses were beaten down by the tanks.
To try to get reduced; force down by discussing.
Can we beat down the price?
To persuade or force (someone) to accept a lower price or easier payments.
He tried to beat us down, so we did not sell the house.
To shine brightly or hotly.
At noon the sun beat down on our heads as we walked home.
bog down
to get bogged down
To stop progressing; to slow to a halt.
Work on the new building bogged down, because the contractor didn't deliver the needed concrete blocks.
To become entangled with a variety of obstacles making your efforts unproductive or unsatisfying.
The novelist wrote tittle last summer because she got bogged down in housework.
To be immobilized in mud, snow, etc.; slow down.
Our research got bogged down for a lack of appropriate funding.
Don't get bogged down in too much detail when you write an action story.
boil down
To boil away some of the water from; make less by boiling.
She boiled down the maple sap to a thick syrup.
The fruit juice boiled down until it was almost not good for jelly.
To reduce the length of; cut down; shorten.
The reporter boiled the story down to half the original length.
To reduce itself to; come down to; be briefly or basically.
The whole discussion boils down to the question of whether the government should fix prices.
break down
(stress on down) To smash or hit (something) so that it falls; cause to fall by force.
The firemen broke down the door.
To reduce or destroy the strength or effect of; weaken; win over.
Потерять самообладание; потерять выдержку.
By helpful kindness the teacher broke down the new boy's shyness.
Advertising breaks down a lot of stubbornness against change.
The girl broke down and started to cry.
Девочка не выдержала и разрыдалась.
To separate into elements or parts; decay.
Water is readily broken down into hydrogen and oxygen.
After many years, rocks break down into dirt.
To become unusable because of breakage or other failure; lose power to work or go.
The car broke down after half an hour's driving.
His health broke down.
When the coach was sick in bed, the training rules of the team broke down.
I just bought my new car yesterday and already it has broken down.
The elevator broke down, so we walked all the way up to the top floor.