Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом down. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом down. Страница два

bring down the house
To start an audience laughing or clapping enthusiastically.
Заставить слушателей смеяться или вызвать бурные аплодисменты.
The principal's story was funny in itself and also touched their loyalties, so it brought down the house.
The President made a fine speech which brought down the house.
She brought down the house by the performance.
Она покорила весь зал выступлением.
bring down
To deflate (someone's ego).
John brought Ted down very cleverly with his remarks.
To depress (someone).
The funeral brought me down completely.
(from bring down, past brought down). A critical or cutting remark said sarcastically in order to deflate a braggard's ego.
John always utters the right bringdown when he encounters a braggart.
A person who depresses and saddens others by being a chronic complainer.
John is a regular bringdown.
buckle down
knuckle down
To give complete attention (to an effort or job); attend.
They chatted idly for a few moments then each buckled down to work.
Jim was fooling instead of studying; so his father told him to buckle down.
burn down
To burn to the ground; be totally gutted by fire.
The old frame house burned down before the firefighters could get to it.
There was a large amount of wax on the table where the candles had burned down.
The fire spread so quickly that the firefighters could not prevent the whole block of buildings from burning down.
button down
(stress on down) To state precisely, to ascertain, to pin down, to peg down.
First let's get the facts buttoned down, then we can plan ahead.
(stress on button) Well-groomed, conservatively dressed.
Joe is a regular button-down type.
call down
dress down
To scold.
Jim was called down by his teacher for being late to class.
Mother called Bob down for walking into the kitchen with muddy boots.