Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом blow. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом blow. Страница три

blow up in one's face
To fail completely and with unexpected force.
The thief's plan to rob the bank blew up in his face when a policeman stopped him.
blow up
To break or destroy or to be destroyed by explosion.
He blew up the plane by means of a concealed bomb.
The fireworks factory blew up when something went wrong in an electric switch.
When the airplane crashed into the ground, it blew up immediately.
The military had to blow the missile up in midair when it started to go the wrong way.
To explode with anger or strong feeling; lose control of yourself.
When Father bent the nail for the third time, he blew up.
To stop playing well in a game or contest, usually because you are in danger of losing or are tired. Especially: to lose skill or control in pitching baseball.
The champion blew up and lost the tennis match.
Our team was behind but the pitcher on the other team blew up and we got the winning runs.
To be ruined as if by explosion; be ended suddenly.
The whole scheme for a big party suddenly blew up.
To pump full of air; inflate.
He blew his tires up at a filling station.
Daddy, could you please blow up this balloon for me?
To make (something) seem bigger or important.
It was a small thing to happen but the newspapers had blown it up until it seemed important.
To bring on bad weather; also, to come on as bad weather.
The wind had blown up a storm.
A storm had blown up.
To copy in bigger form; enlarge.
He blew up the snapshot to a larger size.
An explosion of a tire or a fuse.
Jim's van veered sharply to the right after his car had a blowout.
A big party.
After graduation from college, my son and his friends staged a huge blowout.
body blow
A great disappointment; a bitter failure.
When he failed to get on the team it came as a body blow to him.
come to blows
To begin to fight.
The two quarreling boys came to blows after school.
The two countries came to blows because one wanted to be independent from the other.
great guns
blow great guns
go great guns
Very fast or very hard. Usually used in the phrases blow great guns, go great guns.
The wind was blowing great guns, and big waves beat the shore.
The men were going great guns to finish the job.
Very well; successfully.
Smith's new store opened last week and it's going great guns.
it is an ill wind that blows nobody good
No matter how bad a happening is, someone can usually gain something from it. A proverb.
Неважно как плохо идут дела, кто-то обычно получает выгоду из такой ситуации. Пословица.
When Fred got hurt in the game John got a chance to play. It's an ill wind that blows nobody good.
When Fred got hurt in the game John got a chance to play. It's an ill wind that blows no good.
Когда Фред получил травму во время игры, Джону представилась возможность сыграть (вместо него). Не бывает худа без добра.
let off steam
blow off steam
To let or make steam escape; send out steam.
The janitor let off some steam because the pressure was too high.
To get rid of physical energy or strong feeling through activity; talk or be very active physically after forced quiet.
After the long ride on the bus, the children let off steam with a race to the lake.
When the rain stopped, the boys let off steam with a ball game.
Bill's mother was very angry when he was late in coming home, and let off steam by walking around and around.
Bill had to take his foreman's rough criticisms all day and he would blow off steam at home by scolding the children.