Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом blow. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом blow. Страница два

blow one's mind
To become wildly enthusiastic over something as if understanding it for the first time in an entirely new light. Originally from the drug culture.
Read Lyall Watson's book "Supernature", it will simply blow your mind!
To lose one's ability to function, as if due to an overdose of drugs.
Joe is entirely incoherent - he seems to have blown his mind.
blow one's own horn
toot one's own horn
To praise yourself; call attention to your own skill, intelligence, or successes; boast.
Хвастаться; привлекать внимание к своим успехам, уровню и т.д.
People get tired of a man who is always blowing his own horn.
A person who does things well does not have to toot his own horn; his abilities will be noticed by others.
Anyone will tell you she's one of the best journalists we've got, although she'd never blow her own horn.
Вам любой скажет, что она одна из лучших журналистов, что у нас есть, но она никогда не кичится этим.
blow out
To cease to function; fail; explode (said of tires and fuses).
The accident occurred when Jim's tire blew out on the highway.
The new dishwasher blew out the fuses in the whole house.
On our trip to Colorado, one of the car tires blew out when it hit a large hole in the road.
To extinguish by blowing.
Jane blew out her birthday cake candles before offering pieces to the guests.
Little Joey wasn’t able to blow all the candles out, so his big sister helped him.
blow over
To come to an end; pass away with little or no bad effects.
The sky was black, as if a bad storm were coming, but it blew over and the sun came out.
They were bitter enemies for a while, but the quarrel blew over.
He was much criticized for the divorce, but it all blew over after a few years.
blow taps
To sound the final bugle call of the evening in a camp or military base.
After taps is blown the boy scouts go to their bunks to sleep.
blow the gaff
To open one's mouth to reveal a secret.
When Al cheated on his wife, his younger brother blew the gaff on him.
blow the lid off
Suddenly to reveal the truth about a matter that has been kept as a secret either by private persons or by some governmental agency.
The clever journalists blew the lid off the Watergate cover-up.
blow the whistle on
rat on
To inform against; betray.
Сообщить о чьих-то действиях, как правило незаконных; предать; "настучать".
The police caught one of the bank robbers, and he blew the whistle on two more.
I blew a whistle for the man who stole old lady's bag.
Я дал показания против человека, укравшего сумку пожилой леди.
To act against, stop, or tell people the secrets of (crime or lawlessness).
The mayor blew the whistle on gambling.
The police blew the whistle on hot reading.